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The meaning of an Honesty

Written By latifah gurape on Friday, January 25, 2013 | 8:16 AM

What is the meaning of an "honesty"? Honestly it is often taken to mean that we do not lie in anything. Sometimes we also often menunutut honesty of others without regard ourselves.

Lately many people have a harmonious relationship with their partner. They pointed out that their partner is not honest. It all started with social networking media developed at this time, such as facebook and twitter or a more lively now is fuel. Indeed, the media like that, more than 50%, the scene of infidelity.

No wonder that many couples who are separated or divorced because of infidelity on facebook. Or there are always suspicious of their partner and always wanted to know the activities carried out by a partner in the virtual world. They assume that the suspicion it is a form of affection. Affection that do not believe in their own spouses.

Actually, social networking media can be a positive lesson for ourselves. There we can learn about the honesty. How can we be honest with others if we can not be honest with ourselves? Through the media, we can find out how our true character. Are we cheaters, a fraud, rags or other artisan. All of infidelity that occurred was caused by dishonesty on yourself.

Let's just say that the media as a form of test for yourself. Test honesty and loyalty. Can we pass these exams? Can we become honest, loyal, and trustworthy?
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