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7 Ways to Read

Written By latifah gurape on Thursday, January 17, 2013 | 8:41 AM

7 Ways to ReadIncreased knowledge is to read a lot. Read here both in the world of science and theology. With efficient time reading so much can be read quickly in a short time. Tips is a quick read that can be taken.

1 - Accelerate

The part that is understood can be accelerated. Even the parts that seemed unimportant be skipped.

2 - Slow

The hard part is slowed to understand and difficult to understand the new term.

3 - Do not speak

No need to spend time reading because it sounds like it makes the reading process takes much longer.

4 - Do not move

Not many moved while reading will make the reading process more quickly and does not waste time.

5 - Feeling themselves do not know

When reading a book or books do not think that we already know the contents of the book because it will make us not want to know more or would like to add knowledge. Happens less enthusiasm for this book.

6. diligent Repeats

7. Reading While Given
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